Fire Alarm & Firefighting system

The importance of observing safety principles and preventing any accidents, especially fires, in large industries such as oil, gas, and petrochemicals is very clear. Considering the sensitivity of the subject of compliance with these principles, as well as the design and implementation of fire alarm and extinguishing systems in these places, it requires full knowledge and awareness of the standards of this field and high ability to implement the system based on these standards. Cyber ​​Sanat Company has been able to Successfully employ expert forces in the field of design, execution and implementation of fire alarm and extinguishing system
Cyber ​​Sanat Company provides the following services in the fire alarm and extinguishing department:

  • Design, implementation and supply of extinguishing systems
    • Automatic wet/Dry
    • Water Mist
  • Automatic gas extinguishing systems (CO2, IG, FM200)
  • Detailed design of water extinguishing systems in Pipenet software based on NFPA standard
  • Detailed design of gas extinguishing systems in VdS software based on NFPA standard
  • Providing an integrated notification and extinguishing system
  • Coordinating the extinguishing system with the existing control systems in the unit
  • Design in compliance with safety regulations and environmental policies
  • Design, implementation and supply of addressable fire alarm systems based on NFPA72, BS5839 standards
  • Providing a solution to adapt addressable and conventional systems to PLC-based systems
  • Providing systems based on SIL2,3 according to IEC 61508 standard
  • Design of fire alarm systems for industrial processes based on industrial requirements using specific equipment including Flame Detector, 8 Gas Detector, Open path Gas Detector
  • Use of industrial software including Detect 3D in the design of safety equipment for industrial plants
  • Designing and placement of explosive and toxic gas detectors based on the IEC60079-29-2 standard and based on the requirements of the industrial plant

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